Web Renovation Adelaide

Do I need my website renovated?

There are many reasons why a business website may need a renovation or update. The information initially put on the website may no longer be valid. You may want to add new content, services, products, contact information etc. Or your website may just be several years old and still a html site and struggling to rank on google any more.

Its extremely common for a website to become ineffective and stop generating traffic, or stop converting visitors to the website into customers.

Why is it so important to update my website?

Websites that don’t update periodically and add new content tend to gradually drop in the google rankings. The lower your site ranks in google the harder it will be for visitors to find your website, resulting in less customers. As a business the main goal of your website is to attract customers to you.

Why is it do important to have good security?

Having good security for your website is paramount as if your website gets hacked or generates errors it will not only discourage your visitors from staying on your site, or block them altogether. But if google notices that your website has been hacked it will be blacklisted and from then on it will be extremely difficult to rank your website in google.

Whatever the reason, keeping your website up to date with security, google rankings and your customers expectations is vital for an effective business website.

What we do

At HR Webdesign we sit down and consult with the business owner over their reasons for renovating their website and what they want done. It is important to understand why the business website needs renovating or updating prior to any work being done.

We work closely with you through the initial consultation process to make the changes to your website and work within your budget to achieve these changes.