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SEO for Small Business

In this day and age, a business without an online presence will be driven out of existence in a short amount of time. The benefits of having a website are plenty.

However, having a website is not enough to be found online. The idea of “build it and they will come” sadly doesn’t apply for a majority of businesses. Especially ones that have a small budget or only a local presence.

At HR Web Design, we can help grow your business well after your new site has been built. Book in a free no-obligation consultation with us to figure out how we can drive leads and phone calls directly to your business.


We customise your website with your personal branding, and can provide logos and branding advice for new businesses.


We optimise your business website with on-page and off-page SEO to rank your site at the top of Google.


Not sure what you want your website to say? We can provide well researched, high quality content for your website.

SEO is one of the best ways to Advertise your website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is among the best methods to help your website be found online. It is based on attraction marketing, rather than traditional, push marketing methods. 

Traditional methods rely on “pushing” your message out there. Your message can often reach people who are the wrong demographic and have no interest in your service whatsoever. The cost of marketing in this way is far too high compared to the targeted approach attraction marketing offers. 

Rather than pushing your message out there, attraction marketing focuses on reaching the people who have a direct interest in your product or service and helping them find your website at the exact moment they are ready to act.

Comparing Web Marketing Services and the Benefits of SEO

SEO offers a number of benefits that no other online marketing method can deliver. The efforts you invest towards an SEO strategy build over time and grow exponentially.

Most other methods are linear in their results. The results are directly related to the investment you make. If you stop making an investment, you will stop seeing a result.

Given enough time, SEO will continue to grow your business. It is also a more trusted method of marketing and the results prove it.

We have compared the results for local businesses and here’s what we have found.

When someone lands on a local business website through a paid advertisement, the data shows they are less likely to stay on the site and take action (such as calling the business) compared to the people who find a site through a Google search.

By using SEO, you can:

  • Increase rankings in search engines
  • Drive targeted traffic to your business
  • Access more qualified leads

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How SEO and Attraction Marketing Work

Think about your actions when you need a product or service. Let’s say you woke up one day to find that your kitchen sink has a leaking pipe.

If you’re like most people, you will think to call a local plumber to come and fix the pipe as soon as possible. With the digital age taking hold, gone are the days where people search the yellow pages to find the phone numbers of their nearest plumbers. Instead, they turn to search engines like Google or Bing.

The power of attraction marketing takes a hold for plumbers in your area who turn up in the top results of these searches.

You can test out how your business performs by opening Google, searching your core service in your target business area. Are you one of the top 3 results under the paid ads?

If not, then it is likely your business won’t really be found online unless you pay for ads (which can get very expensive, very quickly). That’s where SEO steps in.

This is the marketing method that can get you found in those top spots.

If you want to implement a rock-solid SEO strategy in your business, book your free no obligation consultation with our experts today.

Our Process & Workflow.

At HR Webdesign we deliver high quality, mobile friendly websites at an affordable price to small businesses. Our websites are custom-built for you to ensure that we meet your needs and those of your customers.



We sit down and consult with the business owner over their reasons for renovating their website and what they want done. It is important to understand why the business website needs renovating or updating prior to any work being done.

Project Research

We work closely with you through the initial consultation process to make the changes to your website and work within your budget to achieve these changes.


We design a rough layout of the website for checking before the initial website build.


We design a bespoke website for our customers needs.


Once we believe the website is complete we will provide you with an opportunity to test and review the website and request modifications before the website goes live. 

Let’s Work Together

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